What is Cittaslow

“We are looking for towns where people are still curious about times past, towns rich in theatres, squares, cafes, workshops, restaurants and spiritual places, towns with untouched landscapes and fascinating craftsmen, where people are still aware of the slow passing of the seasons, marked by genuine products, respecting tastes, health and spontaneous customs....”     Original Cittaslow Manifesto

Slow means considered, thought-through, leisurely - Festina Lente - hasten slowly

Cittaslow means taking time out to think about what we should be doing and how we should be doing it. Towns that have become Cittaslows have become re-invigorated because they have used the consultation time to develop new ideas and projects for everyone in the community - including youth projects, employment and business opportunities as well as environmental and historical proposals.

“Enjoy the Slow Life”

Cittaslow is available for small towns with a population of less than 50,000. Cittaslow is a community-managed system of continuous improvement with a sustainable outcome. It builds on the environment and local culture of a town. It focuses the decision-making process. The logo is an international sign for a town that strives for quality of life for its residents.

Cittaslow Principles
* Encourage diversity not standardisation
* Support and encourage local culture and traditions
* Work for a more sustainable environment
* Support and encourage local produce and products
* Encourage healthy living especially through children and young people
* Work with the local community to build these values
* Develop a gradual process to achieve all the aspirations

Graham Kidd, Mayor of Ludlow, the UK 's first Slow City , has said:

"The real benefit of Cittaslow for Ludlow is the way that it provides a 'hook' to hang things on. It is a mindset that encourages us to work with people and organisations towards a common aim: improving our score against a set of Cittaslow goals, nearly all of which aim to improve the quality of life for everyone in our town. It has helped join up thinking' and doing' in the town".

A Cittaslow is one that has developed a good working relationship between the Council, the businesses and the community – an essential combination.

There are 3 Cittaslow towns in Australia: Katoomba, Goolwa and Yea – there are now 252 Cittaslow towns in 30 countries internationally – see here for more:

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