Cittaslow Supporters

A Cittaslow is one that has developed a good working relationship between the Council, the businesses and the community – an essential combination.

For any village or town to be a Cittaslow, it is essential that the local government body be strongly linked with and supportive of the activities of that community. Accordingly, in 2007 when accreditation of Katoomba Blue Mountains was sought, the Mayor at that time fully embraced the concept and pledged to uphold and promote the principles embedded in being a Cittaslow. The two organisations share many common aspirations and ideals as well as practically enabling development of a stronger and healthier community of the Blue Mountains.

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The Katoomba Chamber of Commerce & Community is also a vital partner with Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains, being dedicated to promoting and supporting the interests and heritage of Katoomba.

The Chamber has had a significant impact on the local area, and the dedication and commitment of many members over the years has resulted in great improvements in and around the town.

These include:
• Supporting the Cittaslow philosophy which takes time to promote & appreciate our local community

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Blue Mountains Australia website has been sponsoring Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains website since 2007. Blue Mountains Australia website is a great site for ‘what’s on’ information before your visit and while you’re in the Mountains. is an independent website made possible through the support of local Blue Mountains businesses. Since 1996, all development and marketing of this website is independently funded by the hard work, dedication, passion and commitment of the Stralia Web team contributing to local employment. Stralia Web does not receive any government funding for the creation, ongoing development or promotion of the Blue Mountains Australia for the benefit of our local community. Stralia Web does not take commission for any purchases made by consumers from local businesses choosing to advertise on this website. This website is a local family owned and operated website developed by the multi-award winning Stralia Web team based in Springwood, Blue Mountains New South Wales Australia.

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