Criteria - Goals of a Cittaslow Town

1. Environmental Policy ¦ 2. Infrastructure & Transport Policies ¦ 3. Town & Landscape Policies ¦ 4. Quality of Everyday Life Policies ¦ 5. Economy, Industry & Tourism Policies ¦ 6. Culture, Heritage & Social Inclusion Policies ¦ 7. Partnership Policies

1. Environmental Policy

1.1 Air quality control and improvement programs

1.2 Water quality, conservation and usage programs
1.3 Waste collection and management programs
1.4 Industrial and domestic composting programs
1.5 Sewage purification, re-use and disposal programs
1.6 Programs for domestic and industrial energy consumption and production from renewal sources
1.7 Noise reduction programs
1.8 Programs to reduce light pollution in public and private locations
1.9 Programs to conserve biodiversity and management of indigenous ecosystems
1.10 Soil protection and management programs

2. Infrastructure & Transport Policies

2.1 Integrated local public transport system
2.2 Planning and maintenance of Cycle paths and parking facilities
2.3 Walking paths and facilities to encourage regular family use
2.4 Encouragement of alternative mobility technology and reducing use of private cars
2.5 Pedestrian friendly infrastructure and design
2.6 Grounds and facilities for sporting, recreational and social activities for all sections of the community
2.7 Infrastructure to support and encourage access to and the use of new communication technologies
2.8 Assessment of the use of tourist signage and access for visitors to the region
2.9 Heavy goods precincts and distribution logistics

3. Town & Landscape Policies

3.1 Management of urban and rural development
3.2 Management of heritage, natural and scenic landscape patterns
3.3 Active landscaping using local plants, planting productive plants and fruit trees in public spaces
3.4 Tree census and protection program for significant trees in the community
3.5 Renewal and redevelopment of marginal, abandoned or degraded areas
3.6 Conservation/renewal of spaces and buildings with local significance but not historic value
3.7 Improvement and maintenance of public footpaths, town squares, signage, street furniture and open social green areas
3.8 Planning for vital neighbourhoods and mixed use developments
3.9 Appropriate urban design guidelines for built environments especially in heritage or environmentally sensitive areas
3.10 Encouragement and information facilities for sustainable buildings and architecture

4. Quality of Everday Life Policies

4.1 Local specific programs for residents of different ages – children and mothers, youth, families, men, elderly
4.2 Community support services for disabled, disadvantaged or displaced people
4.3 Provision and access to medical and other emergency assistance
4.4 Universal access to all facilities and buildings
4.5 Access to government and residential services for farmers and those living outside the town’s urban settlement
4.6 Promotion and development of school and community gardens
4.7 Promotion and support for volunteering opportunities
4.8 Promotion of Health Education with programs for healthy living, educating taste and nutrition in homes and schools and developing awareness of labelling
4.9 Programs to promote Cittaslow projects and activities and education about Cittaslow principles
4.10 Community consultation processes used by Council

5. Economy, Industry & Tourism Policies

5.1 Encouragement and support for the regional economy, local working opportunities and facilities and promotion of “shop local” programs
5.2 Encouragement and preservation of artisan and traditional skills
5.3 Recognition and promotion of businesses using sustainable business practices
5.4 Recognition of the authenticity of local artisan produced products and objects and artistic crafts including local produce
5.5 Support for projects promoting telework/telecommuting, use and access to new technologies and information services for citizens and visitors
5.6 Promotion of sustainable agriculture, responsible animal husbandry and fishing practices within the region
5.7 Promotion of training courses for tourist information and quality hospitality
5.8 Plans to encourage eco-tourism, place-based tourism, slow tourism
5.9 Marketing opportunities for traditional and natural products with spaces for the promotion and selling of local products
5.10 Programs to support fair trade, friendly shops and businesses and honesty in advertising
5.11 Use of Cittaslow logo by Council, authorised businesses and organisations and training regarding Cittaslow education for Council staff and administrators
5.12 Use of local products in restaurants, schools, hospitals and other public and private institutions
5.13 Assessment of adequate and appropriate tourist accommodation and plans for future development
5.14 Plans to maintain integrity of agricultural land versus urban development

6. Culture, Heritage & Social Inclusion Policies 

6.1 Recognition of traditions, art, language, roles and contributions of aboriginal or indigenous peoples
6.2 Promotion and preservation of events that promote local art, music, cultural traditions and heritage
6.3 Support for clubs and activities that encourage inclusive programs and cultural diversity and facilitate support for cultural and ethnic groups
6.4 Preservation of local history, places, photographs and records
6.5 Welcome programs, information and integration for new residents and businesses
6.6 Plans for programs to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the history and philosophy of Cittaslow and the town’s involvement and recognition of businesses operating under Cittaslow principles
6.7 Use of new technologies to provide information and services for citizens and visitors
6.8 Assessment of the use of tourist signage and access for visitors to the region
6.9 Assessment of adequate public housing

7. Partnership Policies

7.1 Support targets and programs associated with Slow Food
7.2 Collaboration with other organisations promoting healthy food programs, better living etc
7.3 Support for twinning projects and cooperation with developing countries encouraging Cittaslow and Slow Food philosophies