What's special about Katoomba Blue Mountains

Katoomba is in the Blue Mountains, 2 hours by train from Sydney New South Wales.


Katoomba is in a World Heritage-listed area.

Since the early 1900s bushwalking in the Blue Mountains was very popular and the strong passion of the walkers to preserve the natural environment from development led to vast areas becoming National Parks, and later a World Heritage National Park.

The Blue Mountains became a City within a World Heritage National Park in 2000 – it’s called the Greater Blue Mountains Area (UNESCO)

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The Blue Mountains was the NSW inaugural City of the Arts.

There is an unusually large number and wide range of creative arts and cultural pursuits in the Blue Mountains.


And from 2007 Katoomba – Blue Mountains has had international Cittaslow status (the Italian word for ‘slow town’) in recognition of our unique culture and built environment. Our streets and towns of distinctive character, our cafes and workshops, our health and food associated with Slow Foods, our environment and our respect for traditions.

 The ideal town is small but has a vibrant cultural and social life, lives well alongside nature and is convivial. It is largely located on a hillside, it has an ancient and historic centre and falls within a protected area or a park. It attracts a significant number of tourists and has accommodation for them, especially in innovative buildings such as the diffuse hotels and holiday homes. These features are not named in academic studies, nor in opinion polls, but come from the "Second Global Report on the Cittaslow Towns 2015.

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Katoomba is a small town with lots to see. Click here to see some featured attractions as you walk around Katoomba, one of the oldest towns in the Blue Mountains.

Some more highlights...

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre www.bluemountainsculturalcentre.com.au

Blue Mountains Music Festival www.bmff.org.au

Winter Magic Festival Katoomba www.wintermagic.com.au

Street Art Walk Beverly Place Katoomba www.streetartmurals.com.au

ECOhomes Tour Blue Mountains www.ecohomestour.com.au

Transition Towns Blue Mountains www.sustainablebluemountains.net.au

Varuna The National Writers House www.varuna.com.au

Katoomba Community Gardens www.bluemountainscommunitygardens.org

Pop Up Shops Katoomba www.facebook.com/mindthegap.popup

Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre www.kncinc.org.au

Permaculture Blue Mountains www.permaculturebluemountains.net

Blue Mountains Food Co-op www.bmfoodcoop.org.au