ECOhomes Tour now a Cittaslow fundraiser

Amongst all the things that makes Blue Mountains lifestyle enviable is the range and extent of special ‘ecohomes’. These may be conventional, funky, or alternative – but they all feature an environmental awareness and concern about fitting in to their location. These are not just ‘grand designs’ but liveable and achievable homes within our community. The 25th Blue Mountains ECOhomes Tour opens up such homes to the public for a once-a- year opportunity to visit some.

“The variety and passion behind these homes were amazing – and it’s inspired us to try something ourselves.. We learnt so much...” was one comment from last year.

The all-day bus tour seeks out unique homes that are often hidden away. Five such homes are visited – including those made from timbercrete, straw-bale, mediaeval timber construction, passive solar design and more. The sustainability principles behind these homes are explained on the tour, as they apply equally to more conventional materials and other lovely homes which are visited.

As this tour brings unique mountains lifestyle and people qualities together, Cittaslow Katoomba – Blue Mountains (part of the international ‘slow town‘ movement) is promoting it. In keeping with Cittaslow values, the tour visits special places, creatively and imaginatively designed and built, that show an awareness of the natural environment with a desire to build better and with less impact. The tours bring people, passion and place together, for a fun and informative day for everybody who lives in a home, and are curious about how others do it!

The next Blue Mountains ECOhomes Tour is on Saturday 19th October 2019, and bookings are now open on